Futureland 2018: Blockchain, AI, and Immersive Technology

On November 15th-16th, Talent Garden presents the second edition of Futureland: the international event focused on the business world and is dedicated to practical applications and opportunities for growth connected to emerging technologies.

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technology (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and respective applications): three emerging technologies that are able to modify the production processes and the organization of many industrial sectors, creating competitive advantages for companies.

To understand and deepen the many practical applications of these technologies, Talent Garden, Europe’s leading innovation platform and coworking network for digital innovation, organized with the support of its main partners Be, Randstad, Fastweb, A2A, Generali, and Poste Italiane, the second edition of “Futureland”, international tech conference hosted in Milan, at Talent Garden Calabiana campus.

Two full days of conferences, debates, workshops and applied demonstrations to different sectors such as manufacturing, retails, logistics, pharmaceuticals, finance, insurance and media, to discover the benefits and changes that these emerging technologies can generate on the management of businesses, production and organizational processes. Among some speakers: Tom Lyons, Executive Director of Consensys; Mark Qualter, Head of Al of Royal Bank of Scotland; James Pak, Corporate VP Global, Mobile of Samsung; Mo Khodadai, AI director of Babylon Health. Many international companies and startups will be on stage: Ripple, Maersk, Lo3Energy, Electron, Medicalchain, Lumen Health, Frog Design, Aeterny, Commscope, Parity Technologies, Evolution AI, Autonomous Mobility, Spiritus, Softec International, ThoughtWorks, ArabiaWeather, and many important investors, such as Yard Blue Capital, EQT Ventures, IResearch Group, Alchemist Accelerator and Ginwa.

The program is organized on three stages and will have for the first time an Experience Area: a dedicated space where participants can experience innovation, get to know new entrepreneurial realities and participate in panel discussions.

According to research by Talent Garden, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technology are three expanding areas with growth prospects that will reach an estimated value of over 200 billion dollars in 2021. In fact, in 2016 the blockchain market was worth 210 million dollars and, by 2021, it is expected to reach 2.3 billion (source: Markets & Markets).

The turnover of Artificial Intelligence in 2016 was estimated to reach 12.5 billion of dollars with a  growth expectation over the next three years of 46 billion (source: IDC). Meanwhile, the value worldwide of the Immersive Technology market is estimated to double, growing from 9 to 17.8 billion. Then, it is estimated to carry on an exponential growth, reaching 170 billion dollars in 2021 (source: IDC).

Reaching the second edition of Futureland with such an outstanding presence of speakers and participants demonstrates the strategic importance of these technologies for the business communitydeclares Fabio Sferruzzi, Connect Unit Managing Director of Talent Garden -.It’s an innovative format that offers participants the opportunity to immerse themselves for two days to discover company case histories and insights of the world’s leading experts, in order to explore the business opportunities of these fields. In two years, Futureland has acquired the identity we desired, which fully reflects the mission of Talent Garden: to nurture digital culture, and offer valuable network opportunities”.

Some of the main topics that will be approached by the international speakers at Talent Garden Calabiana are: Smart Life, the impact of emerging technologies on daily life, both from a consumer and personal perspective; Smart Leader, which includes content for managers and C-level, with the necessity to embrace new skills to develop business strategies, and tools to orient their organizations towards digital transformations; Smart Company, which considers how emerging technologies are growing and becoming fundamental instruments to guide businesses.



On the stage of Talent Garden, international speakers will intervene, such as: Tom Lyons, Executive Director of Consensys, co-founder of the Crypto Valley Association in Switzerland and well-known expert of Blockchain technology in the world; Tom Emrich, Investor and Community Builder of Super Ventures and specialist of AR / VR in the industrial and wearable technology sectors; Raffaele Mauro, Managing Director at Endeavor Italy, among the most quoted investing structures in the world; Dmitry Parilov, Managing Director at DxFeed, a data visualization tool for financial trading in Virtual Reality, integrated with voice recognition, Henrik Landgren of EQT Venture Capital, founder of Spotify’s Analytics team. Mauro Rubin, CEO of Joinpad, one of the most advanced Italian companies for Augmented Reality; Marleen Evertsz, CEO of Nx’change, a decentralized new generation stock exchange for direct exchange between companies and investors; Bob Clint, co-founder and CTO of Spiritus, one of the most innovative companies in data analytics solutions for enterprises.

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