80+ world class speakers and industry experts sharing use cases, insights, real business applications, market trends and practical tips.

Executive Track

The Executive Track is an exclusive gathering of entrepreneurs, executives and decision makers who discuss how to shape a bright future together.


Part of the Executive Track, here participants will debate on how to shape the future in intimate Conversations sessions, lead by a topic expert.


Showcase of selected products in front of a discriminating tech influencer, and one-to-one follow up off stage with analysts and press.

Vision Battle

Vision Battle are special Q&A sessions between topic experts. The mood is friendly yet a bit spicy, to confront different ideas and visions.


To dive deep into specific themes, are meant to foster live conversations and sparkle interactions between attendees, speakers, guests and experts.

Experience Area

The experience area is hotbed of business development, product discovery, and networking. Get your hands on edgy technologies.

Mentor Hours

Get in touch with some speakers and guests available for one-to-one meetings during the party.

The Land of Future Party

Meet peers from digital and tech pro addicted in a joyful, relaxed yet exciting atmosphere.
The Land of Future Party will open at 6:00pm on Nov. 15th.

Leaders Night

A very special dinner, reserved to Speakers, Partners, Executive Pass holders and special guests. Guests will enjoy nicest chats and finest food.

Networking App

Our AI-powered event app for business matchmaking, delegates discover and conversation, and checking the program with ease.