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In an age of ever-increasing distractions, quickly creating customer habits is an important characteristic of successful products. How do companies create products people use every day? What are the secrets of building services customers love? How can designers create products compelling enough to "hook" users? Nir Eyal, the bestselling author of "Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products", has constructed a framework for designing better products and will share his years of research in this presentation. This keynote gives product managers, designers, and marketers a new way for thinking of the necessary components of changing user behavior by studying how the world's most engaging products keep users coming back again and again.

The core idea that people could manage their health more effectively if they had personalized insights into their metabolism, led lumen and frog into a four-year journey combining design, medical science, hardware, software, and psychology. Daniel and Thomas will share insights from this interdisciplinary design journey, and the complexities of designing for human bodies and minds.

Babylon's journey in building components underlying AI doctor, speed delivery of science based solutions to transform business and service.

In a world of open data and consumer platforms, it can be easy to forget the significant quantities of high-value data still held by entities who view or require those assets to be proprietary. A myriad of parties from corporations to government entities are keen to take advantage of the promises of AI in their operations, but they do not always appreciate the difficulties in ensuring AI is meaningfully integrated into their existing workflows. IBM’s clients are at the forefront of so-called ‘Applied AI’ across every industry – from retail, to healthcare, to financial services. We’ll explore the limitations of today’s most commonly applied AI techniques and discuss a variety of ways IBM is working with its customers to accommodate these short-falls. We’ll also take a look at a number of new techniques and frameworks for training, deploying, and managing AI with the trust and transparency a modern enterprise requires.

Be announces its report on Blockchain, an innovative method to improve efficiency within the KYC process. Speakers: - Paolo La Torre, Partner, Be - Matteo Lancellotti, Cyber Security Manager, Be

Leading Experts debate on concrete approaches to setting up a Blockchain platform for KYC process management, with a multi-industry perspective. Guest speakers: - Demetrio Migliorati, Head of Blockchain – Mediolanum - Massimo Morini, Head of Interest Rate and Credit Models, Banca IMI, Intesa Sanpaolo - Niccolò Romani, Head of innovation, SIA Moderator: - Paolo La Torre, Partner, Be

Angelo will speak about how applied AI has the potential to disrupt labour markets (i.e. take people from “old economy” jobs and help them find a place in the “new economy”) by focussing on people’s inherent traits rather than skills or resumes. Angelo will talk about “multiple intelligences” and how neuroscience has shown that people with varying trait patterns are successful in different careers (i.e. what makes someone a good student might make them a good accountant, but it’s a different set of traits that make someone a good salesperson). Angelo will explain strategies that can reduce inherent biases in data collection, and share concrete actions your organisation can take to create effective diversity programs and partnerships. You’ll see how these efforts impact employee satisfaction, retention and business growth.

Organizations looking for sustainable and enterprisewide digital transformation must establish new digital platforms based on big data and cloud technologies, with an intelligent core. Poste Italiane and General Italia share use cases and lessons learned in their AI implementation process. This session explains what AI means in today enterprise products and organizations, where the key opportunities are, their impact, and key success factors in the adoption of AI across the enterprise. Chair: Monique Van Dusseldorp.

In XV century, smart people in a smart environment gave an answer to the arising consumer needs. In XXI century, intelligent software in an intelligent environment will change the rules again: a journey along the path that is transforming the Bank, from a rock-solid physical landmark to an invisible ubiquitous player.

Discover how Prysmian Group, an 11 Billion € company, deployed in production an AI chatbot as part of its digital and organizational transformation. See what was the vision behind, how the project was carried out, both from the technical and organizational side, the main lessons learned and future developments.

Trust, biases and interpenetration between Humans and AI. In the near future, Humans and AI will play a complementary role in our lives. Design can understand both and orchestrate strengths and weaknesses moulding a virtuous relationship and thus creating product and services that can really transfigure the next to be.

Innovation Room

Nour Shawky is the CEO of Softec, a company that specializes in fleet management and vehicle routing solutions. His talk will cover practical applications of AI on the Logistics industry. The speaker will showcase how two disciplines of AI – Evolutionary Computing and Machine Learning – can be combined with fleet management systems to address key operational challenges for logistics companies and enable them to achieve more with prediction and performance-based intelligence. The presentation will cover practical use cases as examples and how they can benefit the industry.

Professor John Sullivan uses to say “The Brain Always Wins!”. The SafiloX - Brain Sensing Eyewear is a wearable platform designed to enable brain monitoring, training and interaction outside of the clinical environment. A 5 channels EEG and EOG and a full activity tracker have been seamlessly integrated into a lifestyle design that makes the device desirable to be worn. The Focus app is a personal mental coach that drives the user through a gamified motivating path of training and discovery of mental abilities. In the next future the applications will expand from performance enhancement into medical, vigilance and gaming fields.

Carlo Cavedon, Innovation Manager Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center Startup pitches by: GLASS UP and WeAR Powered by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center

Machine Learning is becoming a necessity to compete in the market, offering us useful tools to improve our business. Nevertheless, to integrate ML in our company can be challenging. During this talk, we analyze some of these challenges and we figure out possible actions to simplify its adoption.

Cryptocurrencies are going to reshape our financial system but that challenge will be win when everybody understands this opportunity and grab it. Fintech startups and design studio together can lead the revolution.

The Detection-Tracking-Classification paradigm, one of the computer vision cornerstones, is enabling an ever increasing number of applications, experiences and technologies that are changing our lives. With the advent of the neural era, this paradigm has been completely revolutionized and has defined new scenarios and markets. This talk is about the evolution of the Artificial Intelligence in the last 20 years, from the semantic segmentation of the world to the new frontiers of neural contents.

Selection day of best ideas in AI for social good: 12 finalists pitching their ideas and a jury of 7 expert. Join us and see who will win. Powered by Nesta Italia. This session will end at 6:00pm.

Executive Stage

Addressing the digital maturity levels of enterprises and SMEs and the shortage of “digitalized” professionals. The potential of digital technologies is still not fully exploited yet. Enterprises, especially SMEs, find it difficult to build digital capabilities to take advantage of this potential. They are also exposed to cyber-attacks, ransomware, IT failures etc. The gap between supply and demand of both highly-skilled professionals as well as digital leaders, as shown by new data and forecasts, emphasises the challenge business leaders face to staff for digital transformation.

The nature of blockchain technology has got imaginations running wild, because it can now be applied to a lot of needs. In our vision, we figure out a suite of services based on blockchain technology in response to the interoperability needs of different industrial and public ecosystems of the Italian Country. This talk is about the possible applications of blockchain technology for PA and Business.

Be Arena

Company pitch. 20mins.

Not only ICO: the truth about using blockchain technology. 2017 saw a bright jump of cryptocurrency in mainstream awareness: but blockchain is not only ICO. In fact, it is not: blockchain technology can empower new cultural paradigms and enable new forms of political, economic and financial inclusion.

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